MathsFest is a new initiative of the Australian Mathematical Society and the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute. It is a 3 week multi-event that has been created by attaching an international workshop to each side of the annual meeting of the Australian Mathematical Society at ANU. There is some sharing of plenaries and sessions between the programs with the hope of attracting considerable international interest. The plan is to make MathsFest a major annual international event.

“AMSI and AustMS have teamed up to create a significant three-week event around the 2016 AustMS meeting in Canberra. The aim is to boost our international presence, bringing many more of our overseas colleagues here for new and existing collaborations. We hope this will become an annual event in the global maths calendar. The idea is simple: put one full-blown, well-funded workshop on either side of the AustMS meeting and connected to it through overlapping plenaries and themes. Then advertise this MathsFest internationally as a three-week event in Canberra. We believe that the long lead time, 10 months, and the new December date for the annual meeting will bring strong overseas interest. Both AustMS and AMSI agree that the annual meeting is a high-quality conference that deserves greater exposure.”

– Geoff Prince, AMSI Director

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